Different Massages

Welcome to our Tantric Massage Studio!

We do offer Rapid Tests before shower for you and me, to be prepared for the treatment.

We welcome all individuals who like to discover their sexuality. We treat everyone women, men and couples, juniors and seniors and handicapped persons professionally, with respect and loving dedication. Enjoy a very special sensual experience!

Tantra Massage

Our tantric massage is an intense full-body massage with several insences and sound treatments.

As preparation, we will burn white sage , stimulate your aura with pomander quintessences and treat your body with stroking touches along the meridians.

It includes a back massage, hand and foot reflexology massage, body to body elements, head and facial massage. Arms and legs are also thoroughly massaged. It is based on the massage traditions of the Far East and traditional hawaiian Lomi Lomi massages as well as medical ones. The movements follow the ying-yang-cycle along the meridians and acupressure points. Additional we will use several schamanic instruments and tools, optionally the monochord placed on your body, depanding on the length of the massage .

In contrast to the rooms where most medical massages take place, the atmosphere in our rooms is colourful and stylish. Sensuous aromas and meditation music turn our massage rooms into a haven of relaxation. The massage will take place on a futon; both people are naked. The guest is in the receiving position, lies still, and can drift away in the gentle, strong and sensitive touches that make him aware of his own body.

We massage with high-quality almond oil, available with or without aromatic scents. All Massages include a tantric worship ritual. Blindfolds, feathers and fur are used to underline the sensual and intense atmosphere. All senses become clearer and sharper, and the guest experiences sensory impressions in a completely new, intense way. This feels like a sensual symphony inside the body.

Massages resolve tension, stress and pain, strengthen the immune system and make you happy; they are often better cure against weariness, fatigue and colds than pills and other medicine. As Hippocrates said: “The road to health is a daily aromatically fragrant bath and a massage.”

Intense Tantra Massage

Just like the classic tantric massage, this massage is based on a soothing combination of relaxation and stress reduction. The massage can have the same positive effect on your immune system. We only use high-quality oils for the treatment. Lomi Lomi, Body-to-Body, Lingam, Yoni and Prostate Massage are included.

The intense tantra massage differs from the classical tantric massage: It contains a bigger variaty of massage elements, because it lasts longer, which means: more time, more receiving, more deeper relaxation.

Couple's Massage

Do you wish an inspiring experience? Would you like to give your love life new energy? You can rediscover each other and create a deeper connection through this intense massage. Enjoy the experience of being soul mates who discover a new world together in a tantric worship ritual!

You can book a couple’s massage with us. We massage the partners one after another, first the woman, then the man, while the other one is invited to watch his or her partner. In a sensitive and trustful atmosphere, you can watch each other responding to the sensual touches. Of course you are invited to learn elements of the massage to use and rediscover them anytime on your own.

After the massage, there is enough time to talk about the experience in the sensual, relaxed atmosphere, and to be near to each other.

Tao Sound Massage

The tao sound massage is a high spirirual, subtile kind of massage with tender physical contact and soundmassage. As preparation, we will burn white sage , stimulate your aura with pomander quintessences and treat your body with stroking touches along the meridians. Then we will use several schamanic instruments and a monochord placed on your body. In the silence the sounds and overtones will touch your body and spirit, wich will cause a soothing deap relaxation.

The gentle touch of tao massage combined with this therapeutic sound treatment is calming, relaxing and balancing the entire vegetative nervous system which mobilizes your self-healing forces.

Reiki Treatment

Reiki (Japanese: usui reiki ryoho = Usui mind power-treatment) is an alternative medical treatment which was discovered and developed at the beginning of the 20th Century by Mikao Usui. The term Reiki derives from the Japanese words rei (cosmos) and ki (vital energy). Reiki refers to both the treatment itself and the underlying energy. It is intended to cure and prevent diseases, but also to improve the general well-being. During the therapeutic energy work, the therapist directly lays his or her hands on the patient’s body, involving mantras and symbolic mental work. The first goal of reiki is a holistic physical and emotional healing. The giving person establishes a connection between the universal energy and the receiving.