Intense Massage

A woman with long hair welcomes you love and leads you in a warm room. The lights and candles illuminate it with a gentle light. You hear smooth meditation music, you take off your clothes , than she shows you the bathroom, where you take a pleasant shower to refresh your bodybecause before the tantric massage, the body has to be cleaned from all impurities. In the bathroom there is a kimono, which you put on before you come back into the tantric room. You recognize quiet, melodic sounds, soft lighting candles illuminate the room.

The woman takes your hands and looks into your eyes, she tells you, that she will go behind you to cover your eyes, so that you can fully enjoy the following sensual approach. The love servant slowly moves in circles around you and touches you slightly. You feel her movements as a slight air of glides around you. The woman starts the tantric ritual greeting, she kisses your body, your hands and your feet. Than she takes you by the hand and leads you to the tantric place, and will take off the kimono. Now you are completely naked and recognize that the she also get stripped. Now her hands place on your body, you feel her warmth and tenderness. Gently glide various substances on your skin, you can caress their loins tremble.

Now she tells you to sit down. The women sits behind you with spread legs, she quietly whispers to you and you lean on her. She rocks you like a baby, after a while she tells you to lay down on your back. Now the woman begins to stroke your body slightly with feathers, and different fabrics, you enjoy the fine touch and wish that they may never end. She will cover you with a silk sheet, and you will be briefly left alone.

After she comes back to you, she whispers in your ear, that you can turn on your back. Then she kneels beside you, pushing down your aura smoothly and lays their hands on your chakras. You can breathe evenly and feel her energy streaming in you, you close your eyes again and feel her touch. If you are curious, you can observe her in the mirror, which is placed in front of your head.Then she takes some oil in her hands, and begins with the fluid circular motion to evenly distribute. Glides over your curves, along the back, shoulders, thighs, the beginning of your bottom. The easy fingertips touch your testicles and ass, glide along and meet again in the centre of your back.

With the pulse of the music her hands sink in your shoulder and you cancel your strong tension between the neck and upper arm. The hands turn into fists and massage your ass strongly, the hands move back to your site and migrate upwards, to relax your stressed muscles. You feel how she rises a leg over you, and, You can hardly expect how her soft yoni sits on your Sex centre. You feel her open labia, the small pearl. She gently removes to your neck, her thighs around your waist.

Then she sits up, und lay herself on your back, she strike you with her breasts along your spine, you can feel her breathing, she is very close to you, you can smell it, her arms move along yours, and she takes back distance. Now she kneels next to your right side and the hands begin again to massage the oil on the left side. The whole procedure is repeated left, then the woman sits backwards on you, you feel again to her warm yoni while she kneads your ass, she plays around with her hands, strokes with her fingertips from the knees to the inside of your thigh along your testicles, and the acorn, which has emerged and circles along your ass cheeks. Suddenly, the delicate hands fist, and massage your buttocks strong, they shake and stroke again gently over them. Suddenly her breasts glide on your ass and along your thighs, you feel their Venus hill, then she sits up again and kneels beside your legs.

She takes oil and begins to massage your achilles tendon, deletes your foot down, a handful sets short handles your legs up. The other addition and without prejudice to your bottom, both knead your thighs, the calves until they have the achilles tendon and stretches your leg to the bottom. Now, the woman moves both hands on your ass on the other side, and the game starts again. When both legs are finished, she kneels between your feet takes your ankles, lays her head on the floor and pulls you strongly. Then she strikes again your feet and starts foot reflexology massage. She starts with the right foot, and submit it to her naked lap. Massages the soles of the feet, and begins to massage each toe.

Then the woman kneels next to you and cleans her hands. Then she sits next to your head, her vulva in front of your nose, you can inhale her fragrance. She puts both hands on the shoulders, press them down, and strokes the arms along. Now she crouches to your right shoulder, and takes your arm, places it on her lap. You can feel her stomach, her breasts are near to you and you could touch her nipples. She kneads your arms to the fingertips. After both arms massaged, she proposes a leg over your back, and you feel her sitting on your back, feel her moist, warm column, she begins to massage your neck, then she bends down on her breasts and glides along your back and finally lies on your whole body.

You feel her soft curves throughout her delicate skin to your caresses. Her arms accompany this movement perfect, her legs strike your legs along in the same moment, she strokes your hands with her hands, your fingers with her fingers, it makes you feel her sensuality, you want to hold her, but she makes further exclude slowly along your sides, then she kneels on you and gently caresses you with her nipples. She massages your back with her ass, her vulva and their thighs. You get her smell intensely, you would like to turn over and stick your tongue into these delicate lips, but you don’t move, because you know the sweet pleasure that she prepares for you, is not yet coming to an end.

She lays down, makes your back feel her whole body, arm in arm, leg to leg, hand in hand, her soft belly, her breasts, her Venus hill on your back. Suddenly, it sits up on you, strokes you one last time completely and then she sits to your feet and directs energy into your soles. Then puts warm towels on your chakras and begins the first ritual washing, then she spreads a light blanket over you. She lets you briefly alone with the music and you can enjoy your excitement. She washes their hands and her yoni, because soon she will kneel down to your head. She comes back and blow you very slowly the cloth from the body, then you can turn around and lay on your back. She takes your head in place and submit her hands to your ears, to lead reiki energy into your chakras, after a few minutes she begins to massage your head and your face, her fingertips remove in wavy lines on your forehead, you feel the ripple of Surf on your skin. All the recent tensions will fly away.

She gently strokes you with feathers and massages your chest, touches your sleeve, her hands glide down to your shame. Surrounding your chest, suddenly she lays down on you, strokes your upper body then she already sits on you, you may look at her bottom, you feel how she strokes your testicles with her fingers, inside of your thigh and glides along your dam. The phallus is affected just slightly, to put up your excitement to enjoy it longer.

Crossing her legs she makes a turn and lays over you. She takes your hands and invites you to sit up and you stay for awhile in a tantric embrase, then she gently pushs you back to the ground and sits between your legs, takes some oil and caresses your penis, your testicles, includes the bar, his senses hardness. You lay on your back feel your desire, considering your phallus how it feels in her hands begin to pulsate until you ejaculate. She holds and caresses you slightly, then distributes your most valuable asset on your skin, after a while she puts warm wet towels on your chakras, the final washing begins. She dries the love drops, sets out her hand on your breast, and breathes with you until your orgasm ebbs.