Four-handed Massage

After the loving welcome one of the two women leads you into the bathroom, because before the tantric massage, the body has to be cleaned from all impurities. In the bathroom there is a kimono, which you put on before you come back into the tantric room. You recognize quiet, melodic sounds, soft lighting candles illuminate the room. One of the two women stands behind you and covers your eyes, so that you can fully enjoy the following sensual approach.

Both love servants slowly move in a circle around you and touch you slightly. You feel their movements as a slight air of glides around you. One women after the other makes the tantric ritual greeting, they kiss your chest, your hands and your feet. They take you by the hand and lead you to the tantric place, then they will take off the kimono. Now you are completely naked and recognize that the two also get stripped. Now their hands place on your body, you feel their warmth and tenderness. Gently glide various substances on your skin, you can caress their loins tremble.

Now you can sit down. One of the women sits in front of you, one behind you with spread legs, they quietly whisper to you and you lean on them. they rock you like a baby, back and forth. After a while They leave you alone and remove the blindfold, and you can look at them, and lay down on your back. Now the women begin with to stroke your body slightly with feathers, and different fabrics, you enjoy the fine touch and wish that they may never end. One of them whispers in your ear, that you can turn on your back.

The soft hands distribute warm oil on your skin and you feel its smooth operation all over your body. Back, legs, buttocks and arms will be massaged, your feet and hands will be massaged, your neck. Now you no longer know whether there are only four or a hundred hands, because they seem to be everywhere at the same time. You will be touched by their loving touch, that drives you into sensual ecstasy. After a sweet infinity they put warm, wet towels on your chakras for the first ritual washing.

Now you can turn on your back. One of the women is placed at your head and one at your feet. During the face massage you can smell their fragrances, while the other strokes gently over all your limbs. The game of the intimate touching increases and lets you shiver. The soft hands put back warm, wet towels on your chakras and the final washing begins.